"Mountain Brews" Double Vinyl by Mountain Brews

$40.00 - $67.00

Perpetual Doom is proud to present a special double-LP from Mountain Brews. Spearheaded by Jake Longstreth, Los Angeles-based painter and co-host of Apple Music’s Time Crisis with Ezra Koenig, Mountain Brews was founded around a vital American tradition: sippin’ cold ones to the “tasteful palette of seventies rock.” Full of warm melodies and guitars that evoke a Mojave glow, Mountain Brews occupy the sunny spot right between the studio-slick hits of early Eagles and the laidback jams of the Grateful Dead. And now that their four previous EPS are available in a single package, there’s nothing left to do but grab a seat, turn up the music, and crack one open.

More about Mountain Brews: Click Here.

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1. Classic Black Double Vinyl: $40.00
2. Clear Double Vinyl: $50
3. Classic Black Double Vinyl w/ Beer Koozie and Eagle Sticker: $45
4. Clear Double Vinyl w/ Beer Koozie and Eagle Sticker: $56
5. Transparent Emerald Swirl Double Vinyl w/ Mountain Brews Beer Koozie, Two Coasters, Pin, and Stickers: $67

1. Mountain Brews
2. Tequila Noon
3. Strong Choice
4. You Eagled
5. Let It Grow
6. Sweet Chili Heat
7. It's My Masterpiece
8. The Dead Don't Count
9. Raised in a Place
10. Spring Wind
11. The Worst Margarita of My Life
12. Big Bummer Hotel
13. Earthquake Country
14. Here in the Shade
15. Down to the Studs
16. Look at the Sun
17. (It's All) Uphill From Here

Release Date: October 21, 2022
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Perpetual Doom
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Ships in CLP Bukwrap superior strength kraft corrugated material.

*Worst Margarita" Sticker Design by Spencer Pidgeon @spencerpidgeon
"Mountain Dew" Sticker Design by FromTheFreezer @fromthefreezer