"New American Spoonerisms" Softcover Book by Sarah La Puerta and Clemens Poole


Special edition of New American Spoonerisms co-authored by Sarah La Puerta and Clemens Poole. Soft cover book of approx. 164 pages of spoonerisms. This is a presale; books will no longer be available to order after Oct. 9th.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this limited edition book will go directly to support initiatives by Ukrainian artists and cultural workers.

What is a spoonerism? A verbal error in which a speaker accidentally transposes the initial sounds or letters of two or more words, often to humorous effect, as in the sentence you have hissed the mystery lectures, accidentally spoken instead of the intended sentence you have missed the history lectures.

"After over a decade of competitively harvesting spoonerisms from everyday speech, Clemens and I realized we had more than 1500 examples between the two of us and wondered if anyone out there had ever taken the trouble to document spoonerisms. We found that aside from the few pitiful illustrated books that we wasted our money on in the name of research, nobody had even come close (No offense to Shel Silverstein but “Runny Babbit” is not even a spoonerism by our definition). So, we decided to publish our archive in the form of a book: New American Spoonerisms.

The results fall somewhere between puzzle and poetry. Each entry is a riddle— some are very easy to crack, others are abstract and perplexing.

The book is an invitation to all to become connoisseurs of spoonerisms. The more thyme you spend with them, the more you will come to appreciate them: so come on, bet on the goat and revel in the tragic mix of the the spoonerism trade. Some are more wryly hated than others, but you’ll come to enjoy them all; it’s only a tatter of mime." - Sarah La Puerta

Co-author Clemens Poole has been working with artists in Ukraine since 2014. Proceeds from the sale of this limited edition book will go directly to support initiatives by Ukrainian artists and cultural workers.

Sarah La Puerta is an artist, musician, and calligrapher who works in different dimensions. She was born in New Orleans, raised in Texas and now lives in rural upstate New York. Her favorite tree is the weeping willow, and her favorite flowers are water lilies. Her debut album 'Strange Paradise' is a nostalgic record full of ambling rhythms, vivid imagery, and cotton-soft melodies tapped out on an ever-present '70s synth-organ hybrid.

Clemens Poole is an American artist living in Kyiv, Ukraine. His projects and exhibitions have been presented variously in the US and Europe.